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 Coeliac.gif Wheat and Gluten Free / Vegetarian.gifegetarian

Tasty Appetisers

Bowl of fries cooked in oil Coeliac.gif $6.50 (Add sauce, 50c)  

Wedges with sour cream Coeliac.gif $9.00 (Add cheese and bacon, $6) 

Bowl of Green Queen and Greek Kalamata olives served with grissini bread sticks $7.50

Pizza bread with rock salt and garlic $8.00 (Add Nelson's Frog's End extra virgin olive oil dip, $2)

Pizza bread with sun-dried tomato and basil pesto $9.50

Bruschetta - Pizza bread topped with freshly-made salsa $12.50

Home-made Soup (or chowder, add $3) and bread of the day $12.50 (Coeliac.gif Add $3 for gluten-free bread) 

Selection of breads baked on the premises, local dips and Nelson's Frog's End extra virgin olive oil $14.50

Chef's antipasto platter for two $29.50

Healthy Salads

Mixed Green Salad Coeliac.gif Vegetarian.gif
with balsamic vinaigrette dressing $7.50

Greek Salad Coeliac.gif Vegetarian.gif
with salad greens, tomato, cucumber, Kalamata olives and feta $16.50

Warm Chicken Salad
with wood-roasted chicken, crispy noodles, roasted capsicum, red onion, cashew nuts and salad greens served with a chilli mango dressing $18.50

Ceasar Salad
Cos lettuce, walnuts, anchovies and bacon, topped with free-range egg, grissini and shaved parmesan $19.50
Add wood-roasted chicken, $4 or house smoked salmon, $5

Blokes Salad 
Trust us - it's good! $21.50

Delicious Home-made Fresh Pasta
( Coeliac.gif Wheat-free and gluten-free pasta by request, add $4 )

Bambino Pasta
(Sorry, children only)
Tri-colour pasta spirals in our Neapolitan tomato sauce with bacon $9.50

Spaghetti Olio Vegetarian.gif
Fresh spaghetti tossed in Nelson's Frog's End extra virgin olive oil with garlic, chilli and shredded parmesan $19.50
Add house smoked South Island salmon or sautéed chorizo, $3

Beef Lasagne Bolognese
finished in our wood-fired oven, served with mixed green salad $21.50

Cannelloni Vegetarian.gif
tubes filled with spinach and ricotta cheese, topped with Neapolitan tomato sauce, finished in our wood-fired oven and served with side salad $22.50

Mushroom & Chorizo Penne
Spicy chorizo sausage from Blackball with creamy mushroom ragout on fresh penne pasta $22.50

Salmon Penne
House smoked South Island salmon on fresh penne pasta with capers, dill and cream sauce $23.50

Spaghetti Marinara
Local green-lipped mussels, fresh fish, calamari, prawns and garlic in our Neapolitan tomato sauce on fresh spaghetti $23.50
Add house smoked South Island salmon, $3

Chicken Carbonara
Slices of wood-roasted chicken breast on fresh pappardelle pasta with bacon, free-range egg and shredded parmesan $23.50
Add mushrooms, $2

Fresh Mussels
Served with our bread of the day
(Coeliac.gif Add $3 for gluten-free bread)

Mussels Moulin Rouge Coeliac.gif
A pot of fresh green-lipped Marlborough mussels, steamed open in a tomato, onion, garlic and red wine broth $23.50

Thai Mussels Coeliac.gif
A pot of fresh green-lipped Marlborough mussels, steamed open in our Thai
broth $23.50

Hearty Ribs

Pork Ribs
marinated and roasted in our wood-fired oven with our own special sauces $27.50
Add a bowl of fries $6.50 or mixed green salad $7.50


Classic Italian-style coffee and chocolate dessert made on the premises $14.50

Banana Rumba Coeliac.gif
Banana pan-fried in a hot caramel and rum sauce, served with vanilla ice cream $14.50

Tuscan Ricotta Cheesecake Coeliac.gif
Crustless, flavours of lemon, orange and orange liqueur, served on a wild berry coulis $13.50

Chocolate Cake
on chocolate and caramel sauces served with freshly whipped cream $13.50

Vanilla Ice Cream Coeliac.gif
served with chocolate, berry or caramel sauce (Extra scoops @ $1.50) $6.50

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